Case Management

Our Case Management team is trained to assess the needs of its clients. These services may include but are not limited to:

Client Assessment

Each client participates in an intake interview where their needs are assessed, prioritized and an action plan is developed.

Direct Casework and Case Planning

Through case planning and casework, services are provided to the client including reactivation of benefits, health care, securing identification, and referrals to shelters and/or housing.

Individual and Group Counseling

Clients will receive appropriate psycho-social counseling and group counseling relating to developing improved life management skills.

Crisis Intervention

Matthew House maintains certified crisis intervention, substance abuse, and domestic violence counselors. Matthew House has an extensive list of resources available in and out of the local community that are utilized to assist clients who are in crisis.

Domestic Violence Advocacy

Victims of Domestic Violence, (VDVs) most often present themselves to Matthew House immediately after leaving the batterer. They are in a state of extreme anxiety and often (like victims of other disasters) have only the clothing on their backs. Once identified, they are immediately separated from the other guests and greeted by a trained domestic violence counselor. Mathew House assists these individuals in reaching safe houses or other overnight shelters and provides meals, showers, clothing, and toiletries for most often women and their children. Matthew House has active relationships with providers of services to victims of domestic violence. These relationships are activated when a domestic violence case is identified and several agencies begin to develop services for that client.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abusers receive case management services and referrals to treatment programs as they are available. In addition, the Southeast Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center (SEDAC) provides on-site drug abuse counseling at Matthew House. The staff and volunteers of Matthew House also lead goal setting, and motivational sessions to reinforce information shared through other programs. These sessions facilitate client’s understanding of the consequences of their actions and suggest ways in which they can change their behaviors.

Job Placement Assistance / Referrals

Case Managers work with agencies who offer temporary to permanent positions. Often corporations are seeking individuals to do field work and contact Matthew House when hiring.

Housing / Referrals / Follow-up

Case Managers work with a wide variety of agencies who through numerous linkage agreements work diligently to connect men and women with resources that will assist in ending their plight with homelessness.

In 2010, Matthew House expanded its program services to providing permanent supportive housing. Matthew House currently provides 63 units of permanent supportive scattered site housing through a supportive host of landlords who are passionate about helping to end homelessness in our city. In, 2018 Matthew House plans is to increase our supportive housing units from 63 to 75 in an effort to be a part of the solution to ending homelessness.

Our case managers are trained as Skilled Assessors who work closely with the Chicago Continue of Care to ensure that we can end homelessness in our society.

Snap Program

Matthew House is a SNAP working with the employment and training program providing onsite training, job placement to assist our client in taking back control of their lives.

Family Reunification

The majority of the times when individuals are homeless, it is the result of a family dispute. The Case Managers are sometimes key components to the reconnection between family members. More than 50% of the time, Case Managers are able to locate family members who have been separated due to incarceration.

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